Personal Genetic Medication Tests Help Describe:

How Your Body Responds to 300+ Medications

Discover the Benefits of 

Precision Medicine Using Genetic Medication Screening aka. Pharmacogenetics

Solution Oriented

Medications Are Designed to Help

Prescribing Tools, Medication Matching, Designer Medication, Prescribing, Drug Allergies

Individuals Respond Uniquely to Medications. PGx Helps Physicians Determine

  • What Works 
  • What Doesn't
  • What Needs to Change

Precision Prescribing

Your Body-Your Genes

Poly pharmacy, Medication overload, Overdose, Medication errors, Adverse Drug Reaction

Scientific, Clinically Actionable Reported PGx Screening, helps describe a specific medication regimen which can be designed by your doctor to match YOUR metabolism. A more viable option to one size fits all prescribing methods.

 PGx helps improve medication outcomes.

For You & Your Loved One's

Making an Impact

PGx, Helps, Everybody, Medications, Prescriptions, Adverse Drug Events

One Patient

One Doctor

One PGx Screening 

One Time

Effecting the Lives of Many

Quality of Life

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