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We believe everyone deserves positive interactions. Especially when it comes to consuming medications.



  • Universal PGx Screening as part of the Standard of Care method.
  • Implementing one's individual PGx results as an initial step in the prescribing process
  • Engaging, educating, and promoting precision prescribing methods for the benefit of all prescribers, dispensers and their patients
  • Seamless integration of PGx screening results across all health information and digital devices.


  • Promote the health and medical and cost benefits of PGx precision prescribing as a modern intelligent solution for prescribing or consuming prescription medications.
  • Ensure that patients, dispensers and prescribers receive ongoing updates of clinical scientific information.
  • Encourage patients to exercise their right to fully participate in their own health care for their own wellbeing and the protection of their loved ones.

By the Numbers

Adverse Drug Reactions, Statistics, Scientific Reporting

Statistical reporting demonstrating

 unwanted Adverse Drug Reactions effect on

  • Families 
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Community 
  • Country


Why PGx Now?

The Time is Now For Pharmacogenetic Screening

Research provides a great deal of information in an effort to improve our quality of life. Sometimes this improvement comes in the form of medication. Addressing a multitude of conditions (concomitant diagnoses) often leads to poly-pharmacy prescription therapy . (5+ Medications or more per day) 

Americans Taking More Prescription Drugs 

Our PGx Screening helps determine 300+ drugs' interaction with 50+ genes, 200+ genetic variations AND how these drugs react with each other in YOUR body. For your health and medical benefit, PGx is by your design. 

Health Care Evolution

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