PGx Screening for the Benefit of All.


For Patients and Loved Ones - One Test, One Result - Good For A LifetIme

Many have witnessed the rippling negative effect an over medicated or imprudently prescribed drug treatment regimen can have on an individual, their family and even their healthcare providers. With a desire to be helpful and a sense of helplessness, we watch as a loved one's quality of life diminishes and fades. 

PGx screening offers Health Care providers an actionable, scientific complementary tool which assesses & clarifies the risks and benefits of both current and future drug therapy. 


Empowerment at the Source of Treatment. For Professional Health Care Providers and Dispensers in All Areas of Practice

"Do No Harm First" First also means do what's best for the patient from the outset. In regards to medication therapy, know their genetic profile before prescribing any of the reported 350+ medications with known genetic bio-markers.

New genetic research and understanding provides a window into your patient's unique metabolism and responses to the multitude of medicinal options singularly or in combinations. 

PGx screening helps ensure that the best and most effective choice for each individual patient's medicine therapy is utilized first.


PGx, Not There For My Mom

I hoped and prayed for your health and improved quality of life. 

I know I wanted more of your participation in mine. 

Day by Day, I saw the collection of pills amass and watched as you slipped away from who we knew.

Although I tried and cried, I didn't know what could help.

The doctors and caregivers tried. They did their best with what they knew. 

They had no clue either.

Like so many, I wanted you to feel better soon.

Still the meds kept coming and the further they took you away.

Yet, unknown in the midst of it all, HOPE and a solution was coming.

What I didn't know then, I'm learning now. 

And as you served and made an impact in life, you continue to do so today as a reminder of how things can get better. 

For Loved Ones and Health Care Providers.

So for You Mom.  PGx Screening Helps Save Lives.