Q: What is a PGx Screening?

  1. A health care provider orders a specimen collection usually in the form of saliva or blood sample. Typically performed in your doctor's office.
  2. Our highly specialized laboratory extracts your DNA and using state of the art technologically, analyzes your genetic blueprint and compares it to 300+medication(s) and how your body metabolizes each one.
  3. Results are reported in a color coded intuitive model for patient, prescriber and dispenser to easily understand which drugs to avoid completely, dosing modifications, alternate medications options and those with optimal therapeutic benefit.

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Q: Is PGx screening covered by insurance?

There is a growing list of insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid (in some states) that reimburse for  PGx Screening.  Request a current listing and always check with your insurance carrier.

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Q: If I don't have insurance, how much does a PGx screening cost?

PGx screening can be self paid. On average the cost is $1200.00. A monthly payment plan can be arranged and considerations for financial circumstances may be reviewed for affordability. 

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Q: Is PGx Screening a diagnosis test?

PGx screening focuses on how your gene's respond to medication. It is not a medical/disease state evaluation. 

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Q: How is my PGx screening evaluated?

yOur lab sends your screening results to the ordering physician. The physician consults with our highly trained genetic specialists to clarify and understand how your body responds to 

  1. Medications you're currently taking
  2. Dosing adjustments for therapeutic benefit
  3. Alternative medication options 
  4. Medications to avoid

Your physician schedules consultation to review and adapt (if needed) a medication therapy which is now more clearly design for your benefit.

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