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Genetic Variations

If you've ever felt no benefit, worse or better after taking medications as prescribed, your unique genetic design is the reason why.

Our genetic variations describe so much more than our physical attributes.  15+ years after the human genome project concluded it's initial phase, scientists continue discovering more reasons to respect our uniqueness, especially when it comes to medical treatment. Including why medications benefit some and not others. As the image above depicts, part of the answer lies within our genes and their response to medication(s). 

PGx - A Predictive, Preemptive Prescribing Tool  

From Dr. Allen Roses " The idea is to identify "responders" - people who benefit from the drug - with a simple and cheap genetic test that can be used to eliminate those non-responders who might benefit from another drug." 

Using PGx to match patients with medication benefits everyone involved in the health care community. Patients, families, providers, payers and yes the pharmaceutical companies that develop medication.

Poly-Pharmacy (Multiple Medications)

Medications are designed to provide benefit for various conditions. 

Singularly or in Combinations, Your Body has a unique response to the medication(s) prescribed.  PGx helps determine which ones or combinations work best for YOU for a variety of therapeutic areas

  • Pain Relief
  • Heart Function
  • Mental Health
  • Cancer Therapies
  • Gastro intestinal 

Plus Many More

PGx - Pharmaco (drugs) Genetics (You)

PGx For Seniors

Seniors taking Multiple Medications

Many Seniors experience Poly-pharmacy (5+ Medications) often prescribed from a variety of physician/specialists. PGx-Medication/Genetic screening helps ensure the prescriptions they take are compatible with their metabolism and helps improve their quality of life. 

PGx For Veterans

Veterans Prescribed Multiple Medications for a variety of conditions

Getting back on track for some Veterans includes medication for various combined conditions. 

  • Physical Pain
  • Psychological Challenges
  • Social Stressors

PGx Screening reveals the body's response to medications in these therapeutic areas and helps clarify the medication options for the most effective combination for each individual.

PGx for Kids

Children Prescribed Medications Designed for Adults

One time screening.

Most medications are designed for and evaluated through clinical trials referencing adult physical stature, usage and dosing. PGx screening helps ensure children receive

  • The right medication  
  • The right dosage 
  • The first time

Through the course of our lives, our genes basically remain the same, thus PGx screening has a lifetime utility. 

By The Numbers

Adverse Drug Reactions Economic Costs

Startling statistics and reporting reveal how Adverse Drug Reactions effect 

  • 100's of Families Every Day
  • The Increase in Costs of US Health Care  ($1000's per patient per day)
  • Personal and Business Productivity
  • Our Quality of Life

PGx In the News

Opioid Crisis, Drugs, Adverse medication reaction, prescription drugs, Poly Pharmacy

Headlines Pointing Toward Pharmacogenetics 

  • Focus on Precision Medicine
  • Opioid Epidemic High on the Radar
  • Health Care and Medication Cost Increasing
  • Mental Health Treatment 
  • Alternate Treatment Methods Rising
  • Pharmaceutical Companies' Responsibility 

Scientific Research and Evidence

Genetic Research, Human Genome, Pharmacogenetics, Genetic Variations, Adverse Drug Reactions

A growing collection of research and data highlights the mounting evidence supporting Pharmacogenetics as a practical tool for precision prescribing methods and a new element for standard of care for everyone.

Precision Medication Prescribing

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