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Real Progress by U.S. Organizations Using PGx for Their Patients

A sample of the growing acceptance of Precision Medicine Initiatives designed for health and medical clinical applications. Medical insurance is also aligning with the health and cost benefits of personalized medication screening

Every day more Health Care Physicians and Institutions are implementing precision medicine practices.  

Are YOU on board with precision medicine?

Article: How Managing Medications based on Genetics can Enhance Quality Based Payments


Complementary Health Care Providers

When patients/clients show up, often they are asked to list all of the medications they're currently taking. With a PGx screening it's more than an inventory, you now have a clearer understanding of how their bodies respond to medication.  Your specialty has a better opportunity for benefit when the medicinal path is clearer. Many medical insurance companies are aligned with personal genetic medication screenings for health and medical cost benefits.


Family and Support

If someone you care about is prescribed multiple medications for one or many concurrent conditions, and they're still not feeling's very likely that a medication mismatch or error is occurring.

Precision Medicine using pharmacogenetics, helps clarify what works, what's harmful, if dosage needs changing, and alternatives for better health and medical outcomes. Covered by a growing list of medical insurance providers.